Personal Energy Solutions for Anyone With Focusing Issues, ADD/ADHD or ASD

Children with ADD, ADHD, or ASD (autism) struggle with focus. EMF radiation from WiFi and tablets can make this worse. Find out how EMF protection can increase focus and school success.

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How We’d Love To Help You If You Have These Issues

We have a particular interest in helping both children and adults with this issue. The co-founder, Virginia Brown, worked in the public schools and in private practice for 22 years with children with sensory processing issues. The BioElectric Shield Focusing matrix, which goes inside any of our higher level Shields, is designed to bring your energy and attention back into the normal range of 3-5 feet that is the hallmark of focused individuals.

The two ASD matrixes help to clarify thinking and help the individual function better as they deal with the energy sensitivity that typically goes with ASD.

How to You Choose?

We would recommend that you take our EMF protection Quiz  to receive a recommendation for protection, or, even better, take advantage of our free Photo Analysis process. You will submit a questionnaire and a photo. After Virginia meets with our consultation team, she will call you back with results and recommendations.

ADD- ADHD-ASD EMF protection Bioelectric Shield

The ADD/ADHD Focusing Matrix

  • Provides EMF Protection and Increased Focus
  • When your energy drifts off, this matrix draws your energy and attention back to the task at hand.
  • This matrix can be put in any Level 2, 3 or 4 Shield.
  • ADD/FOCUSING Shields are designed to work in ALL REGIONS

What It Can Do For You

  • You will be more centered, grounded and focused.
  • Children find school easier and get along better with their friends and family.
  • Adults find it easier to multi-task and stay focused.
  • You will feel more relaxed and in control of your life.

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