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How Do I Choose Personal Energy Protection?

You’ve heard about the dangers of EMF. But do you really understand your personal risks?

Some people are more susceptible to the effects of electromagnetic radiation frequencies than others. This may be due to environmental factors, such as how much time you spend working with electronic devices like laptops or smartphones, or an increase in the amount of your electromagnetic exposure.

Is your immune system optimally strong?

You may already be aware of drains on your system such as poor diet, lack of exercise, stress (incl. anxiety, depression), lack of sleep, etc. Over 1,800 studies have shown that EMF radiation ALSO weakens the immune system.

Take one of the quizzes below to increase your awareness
and take action now to protect yourself.

EMF Quiz Is your exposure to EMF affecting you?
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  • Do you use a cell phone, laptop, tablet, have WiFi, a Smart Meter or 5G?
  • Do you live in a city over 35,000 people?
  • Do you get headaches, foggy brain, anxiety or other physical problems?

It might be an EMF issue. Based on your answers, you’ll find out what level of protection you need along with recommendations of how to best preserve and enhance your personal energy.

HSP-Empath Quiz How Sensitive Are You to People, Places and Situations?
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  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your environment or other people?
  • Need to retreat to recharge or feel things more than others?
  • You are probably sensitive to WiFi and EMF

You will learn about how sensitive you are in six energy subtypes. You’ll get tips in each of the six areas on how to make your life smoother and easier.

EMF Energy Drain

About the Quiz


Understanding your risks and exposures is the first step to protecting yourself and your family from EMF. We’ve made it easy to start on the path to safety with two easy-to-use questionnaires that you can fill out yourself at home.

Our EMF Quiz

Our EMF Quiz takes into account your lifestyle, habits, and environment to determine your overall exposure risk to the radiation effects of electronic devices and wireless systems. You’ll answer simple questions about your age, your geographic location, your work habits, and your daily home activities to assess what level of protection you may need and how to find the right solution for your health and safety.

Our HSP -Empath Quiz

The HSP – Empath Quiz takes a different approach. Here, you’ll be asked to reflect on your personality, temperament, and relationships with other people. At the end of the HSP Quiz, you’ll receive a “score” determining your overall sensitivity, as well as a breakdown of all your sensitivity types, including emotional, electromagnetic, sensory, reactive, intuitive, and permeable boundaries. If you have been sensitive all your life, but not had a name for it, the term is “empath”.

Personalized Recommendations

Coming to terms with your sensitivity levels and EMF exposure can be difficult in a society where we are surrounded by electronics and EMF signals all day and night. Our EMF Quiz and HSP Quiz are both designed to provide measurable results to help you understand the potential hazards you face as well as what you can do to correct them.

Each quiz only takes about 10 minutes to complete. But they could change your life for good.

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